Up to 30% of the time of an analyst can be saved by using our API

How the analysts spend a big part of their working time

On a total of ~6 weeks for writing a scientific paper, analysts spend ~2 weeks of their time in struggling with datasets1

  • 30% of analyst's time consists of:
  • Search the Internet for open data
  • Wait for the data from data manager
  • Verify data format, conventions, units, scale
  • Preprocess data to harmonize to the desired format
  • Request further subsets of data

All the tools you need to manage windfarms data

You can make IUs or port your code in Windstack using your favorite programming languages and libraries

  • With Windstack you can:
  • Use the same algorithms for all your customers
  • Find new customers through the platform
  • Easier compliance with standards (IEC61400-25, RDS-PP® etc.)
  • Easy export in different formats
  • Easy integration with third-party softwares

1Source: Windstack Survey taken over 54 analysts worldwide. Raw Data available upon request.